2022 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2022 Bronze Sponsor

CMC Electronics (www.cmcelectronics.ca) has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of tailored cockpit systems integration, avionics and high-performance microelectronics for the military and commercial aviation markets. Based in Montreal, Canada, the company also has facilities in the USA serving its customers worldwide.

2022 Exhibitors

At VPIphotonics we empower you to define the cutting edge by integrating efficient simulation techniques and professional design functions for integrated photonic devices, components, optical transmission system and network applications. This enables interoperability with 3rd party simulation, design and programming software, and test & measurement equipment. We seek industry leading solutions to chart new frontiers via forward-looking industrial and research collaborations.

Learn more: www.vpiphotonics.com

nanoplus designs and produces Distributed Feedback Lasers and Fabry-Pérot Lasers at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm.

As well as SLD in the 1700nm up to 2900nm, and MIR-LEDs in wavelengths from 2800 up to 6500nm.

The lasers are most often used for high-precision tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy in industry and research.

Applications of our different light sources include  oil & gasenvironmentprocess optimization,  safetydefensehealthautomotivespacebiotechnology and research.

We support you with several hundred person years in engineering and laser physics. We provide laser solutions and services that are tailored to your specific requirements.

We look forward to discussing your laser request!

Attocube’s business sector ‘Nanoscale Analytics’ (formerly neaspec) designs, manufactures and distributes advanced microscopes for nanoscale-resolved optical imaging and spectroscopy surpassing the diffraction-limited spatial resolution of conventional microscopes. neaspec instruments combine nanoscale resolution of AFM with the analytical power of optical spectroscopy, opening a new era in fundamental and applied research.

Learn more: www.attocube.com

Finetech’s high‐accuracy die bonding equipment supports the most precise and complex applications in advanced packaging, die attach and micro assembly.  Sub-micron placement is possible with an extensive range of bonding technologies including thermo-compression, ultrasonic, eutectic, epoxy, sintering, ACF/ACP, Indium and precision vacuum die bonding. Quality optics and highly stable machine design provide the accuracy and repeatability that today’s applications demand.  Manual, motorized and automated models provide an equipment migration pathway from R&D and prototyping to production. 

The deep process knowledge we have gained through decades of experience adds value to our equipment.  Our engineers work with customers to create effective solutions for specific applications – they understand that “one size” does not necessarily fit all. 

Learn more: www.finetechusa.com